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Never say die.永不言败。

No cross, no crown.不经历风雨,怎么见彩虹。

New wine in old bottles.旧瓶装新酒。

Never too old to learn, never too late to turn.亡羊补牢,为时未晚。

No garden without its weeds.没有不长草的园子。

No living man all things can.世上没有万事通。

No man can do two things at once.一心不可二用。

No man is born wise or learned.没有生而知之者。

No man is content.人心不足蛇吞象。

None are so blind as those who won't see.视而不见。

None are so deaf as those who won't hear.充耳不闻。

No news is good news.没有消息就是好消息。

No one can call back yesterday.昨日不会重现。

No pains, no gains.没有付出就没有收获。

No pleasure without pain.没有苦就没有乐。

No rose without a thorn.没有不带刺的玫瑰。

No sweet without sweat.先苦后甜。

No smoke without fire.无风不起浪。

Nothing brave, nothing have.不入虎穴,焉得虎子。

Nothing dries sooner than a tear.眼泪干得最快。

Nothing in the world is difficult for one who sets hismind to it.世上无难事,只怕有心人。

Nothing is difficult to the man who will try.世上无难事,只要肯登攀。

Nothing seek, nothing find.没有追求就没有收获。

Nothing is so necessary for travelers as languages.外出旅行,语言最要紧。

Nothing is to be got without pains but poverty.世上唯有贫穷可以不劳而获。

Not to advance is to go back.不进则退。

Not to know what happened before one was born isalways to be a child.不懂世故,幼稚可笑。

No way is impossible to courage.勇者无惧。

Obedience is the first duty of a soldier.军人以服从命令为天职。

Observation is the best teacher.观察是最好的老师。

Offense is the best defense.进攻是最好的防御。

Old friends and old wines are best.陈酒味醇,老友情深。

Old sin makes new shame.一失足成千古恨。

Once a man and twice a child.一次老,两次小。

Once a thief, always a thief.偷盗一次,做贼一世。

Once bitten, twice shy.一朝被蛇咬,十年怕井绳。

Set a thief to catch a thief.以贼捉贼。

Short accounts make long friends.好朋友勤算账。

Something is better than nothing.聊胜于无。

Soon learn, soon forgotten.学得快,忘得快。

Soon ripe, soon rotten.熟得快,烂得快。

Speech is silver, silence is gold.能言是银,沉默是金。

Still water run deep.静水常深。

83.Strike the iron while it is hot.趁热打铁。

Success belongs to the persevering.坚持就是胜利。

Take things as they come.既来之,则安之。

Talking mends no holes.空谈无补。

Talk of the devil and he will appear.说曹操,曹操就到。

Hasty love, soon cold.一见钟情难维久。

Health is better than wealth.健康胜过财富。

Health is happiness.健康就是幸福。



believe in yourself 相信你自己you can do it你可以的persistance can make success.坚持就是胜利everything is possible 一切皆有可能l am the best 我是最棒的nothing can beat me 任何的事情不能将我打倒nothing can trouble me 任何的事情不能困扰我nothing can stop me 任何的事情不能阻止我Pain past is pleasure.无论多么艰难一定要咬牙冲过去,将来回忆起来一定甜蜜无比2. While there is life, there is hope.生命与希望随行4. Storms make trees take deeper roots.(风暴使树木深深扎根。


] 5. Nothing is impossible for a willing heart.(心之所愿,无所不成。


] 6. The shortest answer is doing.(最简单的回答就是干。

)7. All things are difficult before they are easy.(凡事必先难后易。


] 8. Great hopes make great man. (伟大的理想造就伟大的人。

) 9. God helps those who help themselves.(天助自助者。

) 10. Four short words sum up what has lifted most successful individuals above the crowd: a little bit more.(四个简短的词汇概括了成功的秘诀:多一点点


]声明:部分摘自 People are not afraid of defeat, I am afraid crush人是不怕打败的,只怕打垮。

” Life is not to in order to be defeated, can be destroyed, but can not be defeated人生来就不是为了被打败的,人能够被毁灭,但是不能够被打败。

The strongest people arenot always people who win ,but the people who donot give up when they lose.最强的人并不一定都是成功的人,却一定是在他们失去之时不放弃的人部分摘自


While there is life there is hope. 一息若希望不灭。

I am a slow walker,but I never walk backwards. ( America) 我走得,但是我从来不会后退。

(亚伯.林肯美国) Never underestimate your power to change yourself 永远不要低估你改变自我的能力

Nothing is impossible! 没有什么不可能

Nothing for nothing. 不费力气,一无所得。

The man who has made up his mind to win will never say impossible . (Bonaparte Napoleon ,French emperor ) 凡是决心取得胜利的人是从来不说“不可能的”。

( 法国皇帝 拿破仑. B.) I will greet this day with love in my heart. 我要用全身心的爱来迎接今天 Do what you say,say what you do 做你说过的,说你能做的 I can make it through the rain. I can stand up once again on my own. 我可以穿越云雨,也可以东山再起(Mariah Carey-through the rain) All things come to those who wait. 苍天不负有心人 A thousand-li journey is started by taking the first step. 千里之行,始于足下。

Never, never, never, never give up (Winston Churchill) 永远不要、不要、不要、不要放弃。

(英国首相 丘吉尔) A man is not old as long as he is seeking something. A man is not old until regrets take the place of dreams. (J. Barrymore) 只要一个人还有追求,他就没有老。


(巴里摩尔) You have to believe in yourself . That's the secret of success.(Charles Chaplin , American actor ) 人必须相信自己,这是成功的秘诀。

(美国演员 卓别林. C.) One's real value first lies in to what degree and what sense he set himself.(Einstein Germany)一个人的真正价值首先决定于他在什么程度上和在什么意义上从自我解放出来。

(爱因斯坦 德国) One thing I know,that is I know nothing.(Socrates Greek) 我所知道的一件事就是我一无所知。

(苏格拉底 古希腊) Cease to struggle and you cease to live. -- Thomas Carlyle 生命不止,奋斗不息。

-- 卡莱尔 Victory won't come to me unless I go to it. -- 胜利是不会向我们走来的,我必须自己走向胜利。

-- 穆尔 We must accept finite disappointment, but we must never lose infinite hope. -- Mattin Luther King 我们必须接受失望,因为它是有限的,但千万不可失去希望,因为它是无穷的。

-- 马丁 · 路德 · 金 It's great to be great , but it's greater to be human. ---W. Rogers 成为伟人固然伟大,但成为真正的人更加伟大. Never give up, Never lose the opportunity to succeed 不放弃就有成功的机会。

Don't try so hard, the best things come when you least expect them to. 不要着急,最好的总会在最不经意的时候出现。

Achievement provides the only real pleasure in life .( Thomas Edison , American inventor) 有所成就是人生唯一的真正乐趣。

( 美国发明家 爱迪生. T. ) Man struggles upwards; water flows downwards. 人往高处走,水往低处流。

Nothing seek, nothing find. 无所求则无所获。

One needs 3 things to be truly happy living in the world: some thing to do, some one to love, some thing to hope for. 在这个世界我们只需拥有三件事便可真正快乐:有自己向往的事业;有自己爱的人;还有希望.


1、LIve a good life meet slowly.(好好生活,慢慢相遇)2、May you be faithful to yourself,live earnestly and laugh freel.(愿你忠于自己,活得认真,笑的放肆)3、You are backit with all the good thing in this world.(你逆光而来,配得上这世间所有的好)4、We are going ashore,and the sun is shining.(我们终将上岸,阳光万里)5、Cease to struggle and you cease to live.(生命不息,奋斗不止)6、Tasteless,pointless and fearless.(无味 无谓 也 无畏)7、A goal without a plan is just a wish.(没有计划的目标,只能是空想而已)8、A winner never stops trying.(成功者永不停止尝试)9、You have to make yourself a good and proud life.(你要逼自己优秀,然后骄傲的生活)10、Facts are better than eloquence.(事实胜于雄辩)I hope you are heer for me.(我希望你为我而来)A wise man does not fall in love.(智者不坠入爱河)You are as warm as the sunset glow.(你与晚霞同样温暖)You are as romantic as the star.(你与星光同样浪漫)

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